Use Your Good Work to Earn New Business + Revenue

Local Gladiator has brought together a powerhouse review acquisition and SEO content publishing tool with our proprietary WordPress plugins so you can easily and automatically use your good work to attract new leads to your website.

  • Gather reviews and distribute them across your social profiles and your website.
  • Publish search engine friendly content that tells your customers and Google what you do.
  • Build your service area, whether your customers travel to you or you travel to them.
  • Automatically expand the depth and breadth of your website simply by doing good work.

How Does It Work?

Taking advantage of Nearby Now and Local Gladiator’s group of tools to build your revenue is simple. 

It starts by just continuing to do the good work you already do. Simply gather some information while you’re doing it.

  • Whether your customers come to you or you go to them, provide them the best goods and services you can.

  • Do a quick checkin describing what your customer’s need was and what you did for them. Make sure to implement the keywords folks use while searching for you.
  • Ask your happiest customers for a review.

Then, all you have to do is share this useful information.

  • Add your 5-star reviews to your website, your Google My Business profile, Facebook as well as more than 20 other sites.
  • Publish your checkins on your website or distribute them to your social media profiles, too.
  • Automatically use both reviews and checkins to expand the number of local service area pages to your site.

Who Benefits?

From brick-and-mortar stores to delivery companies and service area businesses, LaunchSMS benefits small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises and everyone in between.

Service Area

If you travel to your customers to solve their problems, this solution automatically builds your website’s local service area pages so your future prospects know that you do work in their area.

Brick & Mortar

Do your customers come to you? Use our solution to tell your leads what cities folks come from to do business with you.

Delivery & E-Commerce

Deliver food, groceries or other fine goods to your customers’ doors? Use our solution to let people know you’ll come to them, too!